Weather Station, Loka pri Mengšu

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Weather briefly
10.3 °C 67 % 1023 mbar 3.4 km/h 5.4 km/h 0.0 mm
1.7 °C/h -5 %/h -1 mbar/h SSE (147 °) SSE (147 °) 0.0 mm/h

21/02/24 11:45:00 CET

Current Weather Conditions

Software:weewx v5.0.2
WeeWX uptime:1 d, 0 h, 28 min
Server uptime:1 d, 0 h, 29 min

Current Conditions

Outside Temperature10.3 °C
Wind Chill10.3 °C
Heat Index9.1 °C
Dewpoint4.5 °C
Humidity67 %
Barometer1023 mbar
Barometer Trend (3 h)-2 mbar
Wind3.4 km/h SSE (147 °)
Wind Gust5.4 km/h
Rain0.0 mm
Rain Rate0.0 mm/h
Rain this month36.6 mm
Rain this year142.8 mm
Inside Temperature22.2 °C
Inside Temperature 121.8 °C
Inside Humidity53 %
Inside Humidity 155 %
Solar Radiation342 W/m²
Batery Status N/A

Since Midnight

High Temperature10.4 °C11:29:39
Low Temperature-1.4 °C05:52:46
High Heat Index9.2 °C11:29:39
Low Wind Chill-1.4 °C05:52:46
High Dewpoint5.0 °C11:02:16
Low Dewpoint-1.5 °C05:52:46
High Humidity99 %03:35:19
Low Humidity65 %11:28:06
High Barometer1026 mbar07:56:16
Low Barometer1023 mbar11:33:16
Rain0.0 mm
High Rain Rate0.0 mm/h00:00:23
High Wind7.2 km/h09:55:37
Average Wind0.5 km/h
RMS Wind1.1 km/h
High UV310:42:38
High Radiation370 W/m²11:04:51
High Inside Temperature22.2 °C11:18:17
Low Inside Temperature21.7 °C00:10:00
High Inside Temperature 121.9 °C11:44:07
Low Inside Temperature 121.0 °C00:10:00
High Inside Temperature (DHT22)22.2 °C N/A
Low Inside Temperature (DHT22)21.7 °C N/A

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Last Earthquakes (<1000 km, M≥2)

Date and time:17. 02. 2024 01:23:30 CET
Location: 3 km S of Basilicanova, Italy
Magnitude: 4
Latitude: 44.6693 °
Longitude: 10.3589 °
Depth: 33.055 km



Start civil twilight:06:24:36
End civil twilight:18:06:55
Equinox:20/03/24 04:06:22
Solstice:20/06/24 22:51:03


Full Moon:24/02/24 13:30:22
New Moon::10/03/24 10:00:23
Moon PhaseWaxing gibbous
(91% polne lune)


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